The State’s POW/MIA Ceremony will not be held on the Capitol’s South Lawn due to COVID-19!

For several years, members of the Department have participated in a Recognition Ceremony held each year on the South Lawn of the State Capitol. For obvious reason, we could not plan an in-person event this year. But the Committee has created a virtual Ceremony that all our Members and supporters can view without traveling to the Capitol.

I was skeptical of this idea originally. But after viewing the completed video, I must say that it is even better than the past years’ in-person Ceremonies. I encourage all MCL Members, other Veterans, and Military supporters to take the time now or the next several days to view the video. It can be found on the Department’s website noted above.

Some highlights:

  • The POW-MIA flag being raised
  • 96 year old WWII POW Sy Lichtenfeld’ s story of capture and release
  • Rear Admiral Kent Davis (USN Ret.) , Commissioner, AL Dept of Veterans Affairs, tells about a recently identified and repatriated Korean War POW from Alabama
  • The unfolding of the Missing Man Table
  • Lowering of the U.S. flag at Normandy
  • The U.S. flag story itself
  • Most importantly, listed are the names of Alabama's MIAs

We must respect those who came before us and especially those held as Prisons of War and those Missing in Action.

Semper Fi,
Don Fisher, Junior Past Commandant

At the request of
Jerry Cherne, Commandant