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Marines of the Marine Corps League;

The Marine Corps League has agreed with the American Military University (AMU) for AMU to award two regular Marine Corps League members a full scholarship (four years) to receive a Bachelor Degree or a Master's Degree in any degree offered by AMU.  You must have an accredited Bachelor's Degree in applying for the Master's Degree.  AMU is the full sponsor of this program.

Only current, regular Marine Corps League members who are interested in applying for one of these degree programs can apply.  Application must be submitted no later than 15 July 2017.  

Visit American Military University | Online Degrees & Certificates | 877-755-2787 or info@apus.edu for choices of degrees and complete information on AMU.  

This is a great opportunity to further your education.  These scholarships cover full tuition as well as the digital books (library) for attending.  Some degrees that require lab equipment, the awardees would be responsible for purchases of that lab equipment.

Please read the attached application and "fact sheet" on AMU for further details.  AMU is an on-line University.  This is a full four year scholarship for a Bachelor Degree or a full two year scholarship for a Masters Degree.  Their classes start at your convenience.  As soon as you are awarded the scholarship, you should be prepared to start the classes soon afterwards.

Look over the attachments and if you have a question, please e-mail me.  Go to AMU website and see who they are.  It is a great institution offering two Marine Corps League members a GREAT opportunity.

Semper Fi,

Johnny Baker
National Judge Advocate

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