Chaplain’s Comments

Weather wise we have been on a roller coaster lately. Up and down and back up and down. But as is said, “This too shall pass.” Tradition says this is the month of “love”. It is a great time to emphasize our care for others by sharing loving thoughts and acts of kindness. I challenge you this month to find someone who needs encouraging and work to bring about some type of encouragement to them. It will make them feel better as well as you. Remember, it isn’t about us, but others.

We seem to keep a constant list of sick and in distress. This is life at our age, but we can bring a little light and love to someone else when we send a card or make a telephone call.

Carol Anspach
Joanna Bazemore
Tom Bazemore
Jane Digsby
Samuel LeRoy Digsby
Barbara Dove
Van Douglas
Glen Fowler
Bruce Furlong
Fred Golden
Laura Golden
Bob Harrell
Priscilla Gregory Monroe
John Moses
Kim Peet
Bill Reed
Sammy Terrell
Jerry Wood
Lester Wooten
Unspoken needs
Each MCL member and spouse
Caregivers of the sick

As always, thank you for letting me know of any others who should be added to our list.

Charles C. Martin