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Commandant Jerry Cherne 251-554-7616
Sr. Vice Commandant Mike Ryan 205-529-6265
Jr. Vice Commandant Bill Reecer 765-481-8390
Judge Advocate Ricky Pitts 205-689-8309
Jr. Past Commandant Don Fisher 334-221-3175
Paymaster Tim McIntyre 256-466-1537
Adjutant Kenya Thomas 251-689-2888
Chaplain John Burks, Jr. 205-587-8634
Sergeant-at-Arms Bob King 251-960-1843
Newsletter Editor Jessica Findley 205-914-4343
Web Sergeant Mike Ryan 205-529-6265
Social Media Dan Copeland 256-345-3590
Social Media Bryan Dewberry 251-533-4218
Young Marines Liaison Daryn Little 256-424-5090
Tag Fund Chair Johnny Baker 256-490-3916
Marine for Life (M4L) Liaison Jerry Cherne 251-554-7616
Legislative/Board of Veterans Affairs Don Fisher 334-221-3175
VAVS Representative Mark Kilgore 850-293-7881
MMI Hall of Honor Representative Jack Hopping 205-983-3138
Budgeting/Ways and Means Chair Darrell Langford 334-805-7335
MODD Pack Leader Jack Hopping 205-983-3138